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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is the official DSM-5 title for this condition, although ADHD can look very different to different people. Have you ever felt the shame of not completing tasks on time, late on a big school assignment or an important bill, or struggled to focus on mundane tasks? Executive Functioning, or our brain's organizational system, is often impaired when we have ADHD, and this might cause others to shame us about them. 


Often Hyperactivity is what most people picture when they think of ADHD. This can look like different things, fidgeting, feeling restless, difficulty sitting/standing still, and even internal thoughts that fly at a mile a minute. This can sometimes be paired with impulsive behaviors or difficulty regulating one's feelings before acting on them. 

Pinball Bumpers and Ball


Those with ADHD, Inattentive type, often get diagnosed later, are more internally distracted, and can be described as "in their own world" or "spacey". Often people raised as females are also diagnosed later than those raised male. Finally, Inattentive type ADHD'ers may struggle with being distracted by thoughts or daydreams. 

Whether you have ADHD Hyperactive, Inattentive, or Combined type, the experiences of ADHD can often feel like "death by 1,000 paper cuts". These microstruggles have a habit of building up, sometimes causing us to feel stuck or even cause us to feel anxious or depressed. I speak from experience as a fellow ADHD'er that talking to a specialized ADHD therapist is one of the most helpful ways to overcome and hack this frustrating condition. 

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